School Programs

From swim carnivals to swim lessons and survival skills. We can tailor an aquatic program for your school.

Primary or secondary school students can participate in essential water safety and survival skills education.

In a practical environment they will develop physical skills, knowledge and understanding of a range of aquatic situations.

Programs can be tailored to suit the age group and our AquaSafe Aquatic Education is fully mapped to and aligned with VELS.

Programs include:

  • Aquatic adventure – for fun, skill and challenge
  • AquaSafe Theory – within school
  • AquaSafe Swim Program – with a focus on water safety and personal survival
  • Tailored ‘Mega Fun’ sessions – loads of fun!

So whether you’re looking for a fun excursion or end of year event for your students, a venue for your swimming carnival, or an integrated component of your PE program, we are here to help.

And remember, we’re committed to everyone having the opportunity to participate. So if you have a student in financial hardship, YMCA Open Doors assist with subsidised access to the program.


Teachers please note: we are also available to assist with your professional development, certification and skill-refreshers in:

  • CPR

First aid.

Find out how we can add value to your school program today.

Call the Benalla Aquatic Centre on 03 5762 2154 or submit an online enquiry.