Class descriptions


Group fitness classes are a fun and interactive way to get fit and healthy – a great workout for all ages and fitness levels, and to help you stay motivated.

We have a huge range of land and aquatic based classes at the Benalla Aquatic Centre with both low and high impact to suit any age or fitness level. If you are unsure of what class might suit you, drop into the Centre today to discuss with one of our professional staff - we can find the right class to help you achieve your very best results.


Aqua 45min

Improve your cardio fitness, muscle tone & co-ordination in this non-impact class that is suitable for all levels of fitness.

Aqua Attack 45min

High intensive water workout, for those needing a challenge. Excellent cardio workout.

Aqua Movers 45min Max 18 Participants.

A warm water class aqua aerobics class designed to be non-impact and with low intensity. Due to participant comfort, this class has a maximum capacity of 18 participants.

Build It 50min

Build it will focus on strength gains and building muscle over the entire body. High protein diet tips and muscle growth education will be given out to our Build It members throughout the 8 week block training period.

Community Aqua 45min

Designed primarily for older adults as well as those returning to exercise following injury or for rehabilitation in the program pool.

Core Strength 30-60min

Land based class incorporating core/muscular balance and flexibility using weights, barbells and fitballs for core stability.

Healthy Hearts 50min

Light intensity training focusing on coordination, balance, strength & mental training with moderate intensity work outs & games.

Impact Mix 60min

An energetic class of freestyle aerobics with body movements choreographed to music. Using a great mix of equipment including steps and weights for an all over body workout.

Kimax 60min

A high energy class utilising the skills and moves of boxing to achieve a full body workout. A great stress relief.

Kettlebells 45min

A wide variety of exercises and training techniques incorporating kettlebells. This is an all over body workout.

Light Yoga 60min

An easier form of yoga, targeting older adults with the aid of a chair

MetaPower 30min

A ballistic, plyometric and cardio circuit with minimal rest intervals.

Oxigeno 60min

Oxigeno will enhance your flexibility and mobility through a series of harmonious flowing movements that are intimately connected with breathing. Relax your mind and body to the sound of gentle soothing music.

Power 50min

Power is a strength training class based on the progressive overloading of all muscle groups using barbells. Power is invigorating and energy boosting.

Power & Move 45min

A great opportunity for Mums and Dads to socialise and exercise with their children, using a variety of exercise modes

Strength & Balance 60min

Low impact, land-based class using light weights, especially for the over 50s. Improve mobility, bone density & muscle tone.

Stretch & Flex 30-60min

A wonderful class for easing the muscles, improving body moving and feeling great!

Stroke Development 30min

For those who have some swimming experience and would like to improve their swimming abilities. This program is fun and will improve overall health and wellbeing.

Tai Chi 60min

Tai Chi is a Chinese exercise system that uses slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of relaxation of both body and mind. Exercise from within, using the ancient art of yoga. Excellent for developing core fitness, flexibility and strength.

Yhiit 30min

High intensity interval training that will invigorate your workouts using a wide range of intense exercises with monitored rest periods to burn calories at the highest rate possible.

Yoga 60min Wed 90min

Exercise from within, using the ancient art of yoga. Excellent for developing core fitness, flexibility and strength.

 Y-Ride 30min

A low impact high energising class using our spin bikes for an effective cardio workout.


Training options in the Health Club

We offer classes 6 days a week and all classes are included in our Health & Wellness memberships. Casual patrons welcome too!

Try something new and see the benefits of these dynamic group fitness classes today.